Life Science Marketing Masterminds

Life Science Marketing Masterminds

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, many life science marketing and communications professionals are facing some unique challenges.

To help, we’ve created a new Marketing Masterminds platform, designed to allow members to share experiences, brainstorm solutions and leverage the power of peer thinking to overcome these challenges together.

There are currently just 2 spaces remaining for the first cohort, which will run until the end of May 2020. Book your space today to avoid missing out.

Connect with your industry peers to share new

ideas and gain fresh perspectives

Connect with your industry peers to share new ideas and gain fresh perspectives

During the coronavirus pandemic, marketing and communications professionals working in the life sciences are facing new challenges that many of us have never seen before.

One of the best ways to gain a fresh perspective and approach these challenges in an impactful way is to connect with those around you who are facing and overcoming similar issues.

So, in collaboration with One Nucleus, BioStrata has created a new way to do just that.

Marketing Masterminds is a regular coming together of marketing and communications professionals at life science companies – a chance to share experiences, help each other overcome challenges, and build connections that enrich and encourage growth within our industry.

As a member, at each session you get to bring real-life commercial challenges that you are facing and have a group of peers creatively evaluate the issue and help generate practical solutions – with complete confidentiality. 


Join a COVID-19 Mastermind group to overcome challenges such as:

Adjusting your messaging to meet this new scenario

How do we need to change our outward-facing messaging in light of COVID-19 to ensure it’s relevant, supportive and in good taste?

Uncovering new strategies and tactical approaches

Many established marketing tactics like trade shows and sales meetings are now not possible. So, what new tactics can we adopt?

Effectively managing and supporting a remote team

Maintaining a well-tuned and productive team can be a challenge in the best of times. How can we ensure momentum isn’t lost and everyone has the tools and input they need?

Gaining alignment through clear internal comms

There’s never been a greater need for internal communications to be consistent, timely and informative. But what’s the best approach to take? 

How it works: The power of peer thinking

How it works: The power of peer thinking

• During the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marketing Masterminds will run as a biweekly conference call on Thursday afternoons.

The first cohort of groups will run until the end of May 2020, with sessions on:
      – Thursday 16th April
      – Thursday 30th April
      – Thursday 14th May
      – Thursday 28th May

• Each group will consist of up to 8 industry peers from life science companies, who will get together to discuss the biggest challenges they are facing that week.

Membership is completely free during the pandemic, which means it’s never been easier to brainstorm with industry colleagues to create new initiatives, make the best possible decisions and be successful during this challenging period.

• We will work to ensure each Masterminds group will be as diverse and varied as possible – and direct competitors will never be in the same group.

• Every session will follow a carefully designed structure that allows each and every participant to share their issues and benefit from peer thinking.

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Register your interest now

Register your interest now

If you’re a marketing or communications professional at a life science company and would like to register for Marketing Masterminds, simply fill out the form below to request your spot and we will let you know if we are able to allocate you a space.