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Life Science Research Tools

With so many ex-scientists in our team, we provide a unique level of insight when it comes to helping companies market to researchers working at the bench.

We’ve supported most of the major lab equipment suppliers over the years and have several in our current client list.

Whatever you offer, from pipettes, glassware and consumables to high end microscopes, mass spectrometers and DNA sequencers, we’ll make sure that scientists take notice.

Using the latest inbound marketing and lead nurturing approaches, we’re helping the developers of lab tools to create loyal customer bases through valuable content. To find out more, get in touch. 


Bilingual in the languages of business and science, terms like biomarker, personalised medicine and regulatory approval are innately understood by our team. You’ll waste no time explaining your offering to us.

We realise that communicating about a new diagnostic test is far more than reporting its specificity and sensitivity. Rather than focus only on the area under the curve, we aim to get you ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s influencing doctors, explaining the value of your tests to payers and remibursers or facilitating partnerships with companies needing to develop a companion diagnostic, we can help.

We also know how to make sure your products are as attractive to high throughput diagnostic labs as they are to those working in medical research.

Lab Automation

There’s no doubting the continued importance of lab automation. Used widely across the industrial world, it drives developments and efficiencies in the petrochemical, food, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, to name just a few.

Whether you provide large bespoke automation installations, sample stores or biobanks, or smaller bench-top robotics for microplate handling in research laboratories, we can communicate accurately and effectively about both.

We cover everything, from automated analysis systems, sample transport and medical device testing to bioproduction and automation software. As regular visitors to shows such as Analytica, ACHEMA, Biotechnica, SLAS, (E)LRIG and European Lab Automation, we’ve been working at the heart of the industry for many years and have the experience and know-how you need to succeed.


Using biology to drive innovation gets us all excited – and given the steady funding flow, we’re not the only ones interested in the opportunities that Biotech provides.

Whether you’re using the tools of biology to develop new medicines or are trying to improve crop yield, we have the experience to support you.

Perhaps you have a great idea and need to attract funding. Or maybe you now have a viable product but need to connect with and influence regulators. Or even better, you might be ready to start selling to your target customers, and you need to raise awareness, support your sales teams and generate leads.

Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you build and execute a marketing and communications strategy that delivers results.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Production

Finding a new disease target and developing a new drug is only half the story. The creation of medicines that are easy for healthcare practitioners to administer and patients to take is just as important if new treatments are to prove effective. What’s more, the manufacturing process must be cost-effective, reproducible and easy to scale up to enable drug developers to commercialise their new treatments.

Unsurprisingly, many companies turn to expert service providers to help them with the formulation and commercial production of their treatments. With significant experience working in this area, we can help you pull out the key benefits you offer and communicate them to support your new business efforts. Get in touch to find out how.

Drug Discovery

We’ve been actively working, writing and attending events in the drug discovery space for many years. An exciting sector that has seen much change with evolving financing, new collaboration models and advancing technologies, there are always novel approaches, techniques or products to talk about – which is why we love working with drug discovery companies.

From the latest protein crystallography or high content analysis techniques to genome-wide screening and ion channel research, we have covered it all.

With a portfolio of material covering high throughput screening, compound storage, biobanking, ADMEtox, metabolomics, biomarker and antibody discovery, outsourcing and contract research, and lab automation and robotics, we’d love to talk with you about how we can help you market your drug discovery offering.

Fine Chemicals and APIs

We understand that quality materials are essential for getting the desired reaction – it’s inherent in our approach to marketing. It’s also important for anyone working in drug development and manufacture.

We understand that relationships play a big part in this industry – one just has to wander around big industry shows such as CPhI and ChemSpec to see suppliers and customers connecting.

However, as suppliers of bulk products, commoditisation is always a worry and new competition entering niche market areas presents a challenge.

We believe content marketing can help. Brands that nurture an ongoing relationship with their customers through this approach can help protect, and even capture, market share. Contact us to find out more.

Medical Devices

Having supported a number of healthcare companies, marketing everything from endoscopes and imaging tools to implants and dose-delivery systems, we have a solid understanding of the frequently complex medical device market.

With stakeholders including payors, patients, advocacy groups, doctors, technicians, nurses, regulators, support staff, national health agency management, procurement departments and more, you need to consider who you are targeting, what constraints they are working within, and how you’ll encourage them to take action.

We can help you to identify the key people you need to connect with, before working with you to set and execute your strategy. Most importantly, we know how to adjust the impetus and depth of your messaging to suit each target audience, so our combined communications efforts will always resonate.

Our services

Our services

We offer everything from strategy development to tactical execution, whether it’s PR, social media, creative, digital or content development.

Our approach

In our experience, marketing works best when it’s based on knowledge and research. We use this to craft you a unique position in the market. We then help you effectively communicate this to your targets.

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