Our Partners

Innovation Forum

The Innovation Forum is a student-led initiative that seeks to promote innovation by building bridges between academia, industry and government and linking innovative minds across disciplines.


BioBeat is a platform for innovation, inspiring the next wave of bioentrepreneurs and business leaders, which is catalysed by successful women.


George James

George James boasts an extensive network, over 13,000 industry contacts, and a commitment to delivering measurable results through their recruitment, training and corporate development services.

Life Science Network

The destination for life science professionals who wish to network, communicate, share ideas and connect with others, with local groups across the UK and the US working in tandem with online LinkedIn groups.

ON Helix

ON Helix offers a unique knowledge-sharing environment between academia and industry in the UK.
Our team

Our Team

Combining bench experience beyond PhD level and decades in marketing, we really speak the languages of science and business.

Our Approach

In our experience, marketing works best when it’s based on knowledge and research. We use this to craft you a unique position in the market. We then help you effectively communicate this to your targets.

Our Sectors

For us, ‘life science’ has a pretty broad meaning, from APIs and medicinal chemistry through to drug discovery and diagnostics.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on the lasting relationships (and friendships) we build, working with everyone from start-ups to international corporations.

Our Blog

It’s our job to stay on top of the latest trends in science and marketing – our blog is where we share our ideas, findings and insights.

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