Creative Design

We are dedicated to delivering materials that stand out, communicating powerful messages that  speak the language of your audiences, whether that be at the board or bench level.

We understand the scientific mindset. We create stories, visuals and messages that resonate.

We’re passionate about differentiation. We help you to stand out and be distinctive.

We want to drive action. We apply our ideas to engage, captivate and motivate.

It’s true, we have a team with strong scientific credentials. Yet each and every one is blessed with a creative spark. We all know that to be a good scientist you have to think both laterally and creatively to innovate and find new routes for discovery. We apply the same approach to creative development, with an expert team of in-house designers. We get as excited about your innovations as you do. Finding interesting ways to illustrate their impact  and significance to the broader market place is what we love most. Strategy, positioning and message development can help us decipher who you are and what value you offer. However, to help you truly stand out, we interpret this information to create a visual persona that embodies your brand.

By working with us, you’ll always catch the audience’s eye, whether it’s online, in print, at events – wherever you decide to showcase your products or services.

Often, the companies we work with have already been through the branding process. If this is the case, we can work within your style guidelines to develop new content to support your marketing efforts and sales teams. Best of all, this can be as rigid or flexible as you need – if you need an injection of creativity into your materials without watering down your corporate branding, we can help. We offer everything from website development and html email creation through to designing ads, brochures  and exhibition graphics and every other type of collateral you can imagine.

  • Branding
  • Logos & icons
  • Campaign concepts
  • Print ads
  • Banner ads
  • HTML emailers
  • Website design
  • Landing page development
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Posters
  • Brochures & sales collateral
  • Direct mail